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Crab House Restaurant

350 N Lantana St, Camarillo
Phone: 805-987-4979
Cuisine: Seafood

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Reviews by the General Public

Worst lobster in town.
Reviewer: Kathy from Camarillo, CA
We have dined here many times. The atmosphere is cozy and the service can be good at times. Mostly it's slow. We went the other night and my husband had lobster; not sweet, on the bland side and slightly undercooked. I ordered the Surf ' Turf but my 4 oz. lobster tail was raw underneath. I sent it back, and same thing with the next one, only this time the lobster was smaller. Sent it back a third time with the lobster even smaller and still raw. I think the Cook kept cutting off the raw part. The manager authorized the waitress to reduce the price by $10 (I chose not to try the lobster again since I was already done with the rest of my dinner. I think the least he could have done was come to the table himself and apologize and offer to comp mine since it was basically ruined. The cook needs a lesson in how to cook lobster. I don't think we'll go back.

Responding to Dan Gerous and PJ
Reviewer: California KiWi from Camarillo
Just responding to some of the reviews of the Crab House. It used to be one of my favorite local eateries. I was in the restaurant business (4-star dining) for 10 years in Washington D.C., so I know good food and good service. The Crab House is where I used to take all of my out-of-town guests for a memorable meal, but not anymore. It changed hands several years ago and has become quite pedestrian. So perhaps this will clear up the confusion some of you have voiced about the difference between the rave reviews you heard and what you actually experienced. There's nothing wrong with the food or service if you're looking for a simple middle-of-the-road dining experience, but it is no longer is the first-rate dining establishment it once was.

Awsome food at the Crabhouse!
Reviewer: Bob from Oxnard
Alaskin King Crab legs are the best on the planet!

Reviewer: Crab Lover from Sherman Oaks, CA
Went to the Crab House for the first time. Ordered appetizers of calamari, crab cakes and bacon wrapped scallops. It was one big deep fried, tasteless appetizer! For dinner we ordered Halibut which my husband stated was good and I had the August special of snow crab, dungeness crab and alaskan king crab. It was good, but overcooked some and very little alaskan king crab. Overall the restaurant is okay, but not great

Stick with the seafood
Reviewer: Yoshiko Takaesu from Camarillo,Ca.
Have eaten here many times both lunch and dinner. Have never been dissapointed with the seafood and prices are good as well.

needs another try
Reviewer: PJ from soon to be in Camarillo, CA
My girlfriend and I were recommended to the Crab House by a friend whose culinary taste is pretty right on. He raved about it, so perhaps our expectations were high. We found the experience to be rather less than the other reviewers here who thought so highly of the place. The crab louie was tasteless and the lobster was bland. Isn´t lobster supposed to be sweet? We thought that perhaps it was just us, but a customer at an adjoining table asked to have their crab louie sent back and requested another menu item. In some respects it was nice to know that it wasn´t just us. I am wondering if the meals were created from frozen rather than fresh shellfish. The atmosphere is quite nice and the restaurant was about half-filled, so there must be a good reputation to go along with the restaurant. We just didn´t think that it lived up to the hype. As we are planning to move up to Camarillo in June 05, we are hoping to find good restaurants to start our list of places to dine. Crab House will have to improve somewhat in order for us to add them to the list.

Mediocre food, decent service

The food is overcooked, and of poor quality. The only items of value are the all-you-can eat crawfish and shrimp, but again, the quality is sub-par. We´re talking Sizzler-minus, but it costs more. The variety is also nothing to brag about.

Hit and Miss
Reviewer: PK
I´ve given the Crab House several tries and I´m afraid I´m going to have to be a bit closer to the "middle of the road" than either Angela or Dan. I´ve had both good and bad experiences there. One time the food will be quite good... another time not so great. This time the service was "Johnny-on-the-spot"...that time it was "hide-and-go-seek". I´ve never been there on an "entertainment" night, so I can´t comment about that. It seems to me the pricing as a little on the high side for some items, but they also offer a decent selection of "special" menu items that are more reasonably priced. I do like the feel of the place and the decor is warm and inviting. So, I´ll most likely give the place another try..or two. I´m just hoping that next time I go... I will have picked a "good" night.

Responding to Drive thru Dan Gerous
Reviewer: Angela Hille
Lackluster Food? Overpriced? Must not have been Dan´s thing. He can stick to the canned Progresso and Jack in the Box if he didn´t know all the fun in Cajun style crawfish is the ´peel n´ eatin´ them yourself. They may not be the most attractive little buggers to look at but take my advice, don´t go to a restaurant and order a certain item you have no clue what your getting, especially a delicacy like seafood. He must not have taken a trip to Louisiana for that matter. As for the clam chowder is concerned, I have never experienced anything but above satisfactory with their outstanding fresh made daily chowder. It has just the right amount of clam pieces and isn´t overpowered by all the additives. Even if you wanted to make a whole meal out of it, you could get it in a sourdough loaf for only $4.75. Their seafood salads are made with fresh jumbo shrimp and crab that I have seen their fantastic cooks crack and peel themselves. The Crab House has always been great for entertainment as well as their spectacular entrees and all at an overall reasonable price. Their daily and monthly specials always have top of the line quality and are priced very well. For example, Thursdays you can enjoy a whole 1lbs lobster, broiled or steamed, for onlt $19.95 or even the Saturday Feast for Two that comes with a whole 1lbs broiled lobster, 1lbs of Alaskan king crab, and 2lbs of Cajun style crawfish all for $46.95. They have a Land Lovers section that only has certified Angus Beef, which ranges from an 8oz. Rib eye steak to the best prime rib you have ever tasted (Friday-Sunday). Their Specialties are off the wall; for instance, the 3-way shrimp which comes with The Crab House´s famous stuffed shrimp, shrimp scampi, and three deep-fried jumbo shrimp. Their Chippino, also known as a ´Fisherman´s stew´, is to die for. It includes many different shellfish and fresh fish all mixed in a broth that your mouth will be begging for more. And if you really bring an appetite, then the "ALL YOU CAN EAT" menu will sure apply, they have Snow Crab, St. Louis style pork ribs and chicken, a shrimp combo, or even down to the beer battered Fish and Chips. It doesn´t stop there. Their new Lighter Side Lunch menu has 12 different items all priced at $4.95. Perfect for lunch-ins or something quick to-go. They have a full bar and Live Entertainment on Friday and Saturdays. Also an unbelieveable Casino Night that´s going to be Camarillo´s new happin´ spot. I have been a loyal customer to the Crab House for ten years and not even a bad piece of calamari will change my mind about the authentic atmosphere and outstanding and friendly staff. So while ´Dan´ is waiting in the drive through at the near by Jack in the Box, come and enjoy a relaxing and fun filled dinner at the Crab House in Camarillo. You won´t regret it!

Best Steak and Seafood in town!!!!!!
Reviewer: Debbie
I want to let everyone know about our dining experance at the Crab House Resturant. My husband and three kids I went to the Crab house for dinner we started with the bacon wraped scallops and we gobbled them up so fast we then went into the crab stuffed mushrooms, wow what flavor. My children ate snow crab, bbq ribs and fried shrimp off the kids menu. My husband had the king cut prime rib with the king crablegs and the famous Crab House potatoes. I had the Seared Ahi Tuna with fresh vegies and the most awsome Clam chowder. All the food was great and the service was some of the best we have ever experanced. The people are so friendly and fun we have been back several times since.

Reviewer: Erica Yorke
I DON´T KNOW WHAT THIS GUY IS THINKING!!! The food at the Crab House is great!! So is the service and everything!! I like the ribs, steak, burgers, and salads!! I go there every Friday!!! I know that everyone other than this guy that wrote would love the Crab House!! I do!!! The entertainment is great!! Mr. O is soooooo cool!! They have a great video game that I play all the time!! The food is, if anything, underpriced!!! It´s cheap there!!! GO TO THE CRAB HOUSE YOU WILL LOVE IT!!! TRUST ME!!!!

Reviewer: Dan Gerous
An associate said this restaurant was "a good place to go." Well, he must´ve been talking about the ´one man band´ entertainment they have there. The food was definitely lacking, and the prices were outrageous for the quality of food that was delivered. The Calamari appetizer was over cooked and it felt like I was chewing on a big rubbery oil-soaked french fry whose skin was falling off. The breading was literally falling off as you picked it up. Next was the Clam Chowder. If you like canned soups, you´ll like their Chowder. Bring your own can of´ll taste better. My wife´s Seafood Caesar salad was a joke. For $14.95 you´d expect at least fresh or recently thawed shrimp, but again, the shrimp came out of a can. They did put a couple of big chunks of immitation crab meat in there though. We also like Cajun food, so we ordered the Craw Fish appetizer. Thinking it was going to be shelled, then possibly breaded/fried or sauteed, we were taken aback when we received a small bowl of boiled, tasteless Craw Fish which you had to peel yourself. It wasn´t made clear on the menu that these were "u peel ´em" Craw Fish. Have you ever tried to peel and find the meat on a Craw Fish? Not a pretty sight in a restaurant. By the way, you´re going to pay $8 for that bowl of "Mud Bugs." The final straw for me was when I got my order of Fish and Chips ($9.95) or should I say "Breading and Chips"? I swear you´ll get larger, tastier pieces of fish in your Fish Tacos at your local Baja Fresh! Crab House´s "Minnow & Chips" is a far cry from the quality you´ll get at a place like Seaward Fish and Chips or even at Jack in the Box. We had to give this place a try just out of curiosity, and it turned out to be a $54 "lesson learned." I must say that the only thing that saved us from walking out in the middle of our meal was the FANTASTIC service. Bottom Line: If you´re an Epicurean, or if you´re looking for moderately priced good meal, turn around and head to Red Lobster.

Have you eaten here? Write a review of this restaurant!


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